Limbuwan IDOL Season – II


लिम्बुवान अ।इडल सिजन – २

Winner – Sunil Labung

1st Runner up – Sajan Thapa

2nd Runner Up – Sujita Pokharel

4th – Dipa Suhang

5th – Lalit Thalang

Organized by Yuma Arts

Coordinator :  Yadav Kumar Bhattarai

Manager : Ishwar Yakkha

Co- Manager – Megharaj Mangrati

Chair Person : Khagendra Kumar Limbu (Khagendra Yakso)

Logo – Bashu Kshitiz

Logo Lyrics/ Music – Khagendra Yakso

Music Arrange – Tekendra Yakso

RJ – Rita Rarahang

Camera : Megharaj Mangrati

Co-Organizer – Kamal Hangbang(Pathari Morang)

District Coordinator : Kesav Acharya, Tamor FM – Taplejung// Buddha Limbu , Sangita Suhang  – Panthar/Ilam  Balaram Samal– Jhapa,Morang,sunsari//Hem Subba-  Dharan//Rabikiran Maden –Tehrathum/ Dhankuta// Kumar Anuragi – Sangkhuwasabha//Special Thanks To  Tara Laksam, Sajan Rai, Chandu Gorkhali, Dipak Limbu, Kanchan Thalang, Punam sambahamphe, Suren Rai, Khadga Fago,Lolim Pomo,Urlabari //DJ Mewahang, sursala Music Academy// TR Senehang, Arjun Mabohang,Puran Yakkha, Bijay Sodemba,Prakas Paksawa,Prem Ningleku,sambhu Gurung,Ram Nayong, Purwancha Sangeet School Itahari//Kirat Design//



Yuma World Welcome to Yuma Cassette & Culture Center Pvt. Ltd. Katmandu, Nepal is a leading Music destination dedicated to bring you Melody and a complete satisfaction and entertain. To preserve folk tunes(Real Nepali Music) and Cultural phenomenon of whole Nepalese society this is only one identity in the world For us it is our idea, our soul, our inspiration and our destination. So you should see that Yuma is not for Commercial view. You Could share about Musical Ideas, techniques, Musical Knowledge, Music arrangements and especially this office Yuma is related to song's CD, VCD, DVD Production, Recording, Music Video Making, Documtary Making, Film Making etc. Not only success but to be expert is main motto of Yuma. . Yuma Cassette & culture Center Pvt. Ltd. ( offers, if you've best and touchy cultural tunes then that would be recorded in free-of-charge. We pledge to provide Music composers, singers and artists with the imperious proposition of reaching a highly targeted Musical Melody and a complete satisfaction and entertain. We also bring you art, Musical news, Musical events, seminars, polls, discussions etc. Our primary objective is to bring "new musical touch, test or composition as it happens in this field. Our important other objective is to make our cultural Music community for all Nepali people around the world. We obtain quality, cultural touch music in different ways. We have our own professionals who are actively out in the field to collect or research to bring you the ancient cultural Melody and A superb indication of our commitment in the Nepali music field is that to preserve Our Cultural heritage especially Music. Yuma' The very word evokes an image of feminine who symbolizes as God and creator of this beautiful world or represents divine power of Goddess or some how as religion also especially in yakthung (Limbu) Culture. Yuma is related to the existence of this Universe so we’ve to understand that Yuma is not only Goddess or religion but also a Philosophy and Ideology which is very much related to the Nature and depends on 'Mundhum'. Yuma is a type of arts also in which well depicted to existence of this world and helps us to know about whole nature and animals life. Only White flower, eggs and fruits needs to worship Yuma which represents Peace and Love. Yuma Established In 2003

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